Sleepy Time Roller 10ml

Nothing is more important for your health than getting a good night’s rest, not even 8-glasses of water day or that regular workout session. That’s why we’ve carefully selected each and every one of the oils in our Sleepy Time blend for their calming properties especially Blue Tansy known for its powerful relaxant benefits while the addition of Ylang Ylang regulates heartbeat and offers great emotional support.

*Disclaimer: If pregnant / breastfeeding or have a medical condition please consult your medical practitioner regarding safety when using essential oils.


Weight 0.04 kg

Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Blue Tansy, and Lavender essential oils as well as cold pressed Grape Seed oil.


Apply liberally under feet and along spine.

*NOTE: Do not use on areas that are exposed to direct sunlight as photo-sensitivity may occur.

Rollerball Strengths

Rollerball strengths (use your own discretion, but this is a guideline):
Baby: 0-12 months
Kids: 1-7 years
Adult: 7 years and upwards.